Spirituality Meets Science Episode #18: All About Mediumship

In this week’s episode, I chatted with Jen Pantella “the No-Nonsense Psychic Medium” and spiritual store owner, Marlena Blodgett, explain all about mediumship.

Jen can be reached on Facebook as No Nonsense Psychic Medium or via email at

Marlena can be reached at or Her store, Enchanted Meadows, is located at 223 Main Street, Slatington PA and the number there is 610-760-3015.

Jen had offered to be my volunteer for my Facebook Live demo, but sadly, tech difficulties prevented us from connecting. We still intend to make it happen, so that will get posted separately once it happens.

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #15: Understanding Akashic Records

In this week’s episode I interviewed certified Akashic Records healer, Emily Harrison.

Emily can be reached at Connect with her and you can receive module one of her course on learning how to read the Akashic Records for free!

Following the show, we moved over to Facebook Live where Emily volunteered to receive a demonstration of the Accelerated Release Technique.


Spirituality Meets Science Episode #14: Taking Your Meditation Practice Deeper

In this week’s episode I chat with my guest, contemporary shaman, EagleSpirit, on how to get the most out of meditation.

EagleSpirit can be reached through her website or on Facebook at

To access EagleSpirit’s free guided meditation from her Journey of the Heart CD go to The healing CD is also available on iTunes at

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #13: Chakra Psychology

In this week’s episode of Spirituality Meets Science, I chatted with guest Stella Stathi about her work using Chakra Psychology.

Stella works with women to overcome their Food, Weight, and Body-Image issues through her program Body Prema: The Chakra Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom. Stella can be reached via her website or email her at

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #11: Access Consciousness Bars

In this episode, Renu and her guests, Tess Griffin-Adams and Anca Moraru, discuss the the science behind Access Bars.

Tess can be found in Port Joli, Nova Scotia and can be reached via her website, on Facebook at Vibrant Living By the Sea, or by email at

Anca lives in Mississauga, Ontario, and can be reached at