Top 5 Ways to Spot a Spiritual Person (aka You Might be a Spiritual Person if…)

As an energy worker, I attract clients who are 15087617668_f5f25441d8_bspiritually inclined. People who are open to the understanding that the world might not operate in the way that the vocal majority believes it does.

Last week, I had the opportunity to do a presentation for members of a referral marketing network I belong to, and I thought it would be a fun idea to give them the tropes or stereotypes of spiritually open people so they could spot potential clients to introduce to me. To my surprise, many of them who already self-identified as spiritually inclined weren’t even aware of these!

Here’s the list. I’ll be curious to know whether you find that any of this applies to you or not. Let me know in the comments!

The top 5 characteristics of Spiritual Seekers

1) They LOVE the colour purple

Purple clothes pepper their wardrobe; men with purple ties and sweaters; women in purple coats. They are drawn to it. Why? This requires a little understanding of Chakra psychology, mainly that the chakras each resonate at a different colour frequency, and that the spiritual (Crown) chakra is purple (violet). For all the chakras, individuals with an abundance of energy concentrated in one area tend to favour the related colour.

The most interesting part of this particular stereotype is that it exists whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not. Purple has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember, however until I was personally initiated into the world of energy work, I thought all of this stuff was utterly crazy! That said, despite that belief, I was always open to the possibility that there might be something about the world that I didn’t know or couldn’t explain. Without knowing it, I was a Spiritual Seeker.

2) They are attracted to CrystalsCrystals_and_gemstones

They wear crystal jewelry, or they keep crystals at home or on their desk. Some even keep smaller crystals in their pockets or purses. I’m not talking about the conspicuous ones – diamonds, emeralds and so on – but things like rose quartz, amethyst, amber stones and more. Crystals radiate energy, and many energy-sensitive people are drawn to those energies.

3) They like to share Inspirational Quotes

These are the individuals on social media sharing quotes by Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and other well-known spiritual thought leaders. They have read The Secret or talk about the Law of Attraction and Abundance. Instead of using the word “God” you may hear them speaking about the “Universe”.

4) They frequently use the word “Journey”

Spiritual people view life as a journey, more about accumulating experiences rather than reaching any particular destination. This is a common characteristic of individuals open to the world of spiritual understanding.

5) They use words like “Energy,” “Auras,” “Chakras,” “Chi,” or “Karma”

Can’t forget the obvious! Using energy-speak is a definite sign of someone interested in all things spiritual.

So there you go. You may find that all or none of them apply to you, but I’d love to hear your comments either way!

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