Your subconscious has a sense of humour?

If I haven’t said it before, the subconscious can be pretty funny.


I was working with a friend, JT, this past week to address some food intolerances that had come up recently. Within the past year, and completely out of the blue, she had started to reacting to salmon, hummus, and peanut butter.

We decided to start with salmon first.

As we do, we looked for the emotional root cause for the intolerance, and quickly homed in on an issue she was having with a group of colleagues at work.

One woman in particular was especially aggravating for her. The woman had been sending her department work to do but would neglect to provide all the necessary details; when JT confronted by her about being unable to do the work properly without all the required information, she received nothing but arrogance for her trouble. Over a year later, JT was still annoyed by it.

Once we neutralized the feelings between her and the woman, her problem with salmon disappeared! But what would salmon have to do with a frustrating colleague?

After a bit of searching, a memory surfaced. JT remembered being in the lunch room one day while this colleague, whom she disliked so much, was microwaving salmon.

And that was the link.

It was like her subconscious said “She likes salmon, and I don’t like her, so I can’t enjoy salmon anymore.” Isn’t that crazy? Crazy, but true.

The whole point of the intolerance is to get our attention regarding some unresolved incident. JT’s salmon problem was meant to remind her of the colleague and the negative feelings surrounding her!

And the hummus?

The hummus took us a little more time to figure out.

The event was straightforward. We tracked it back to a performance evaluation her boss had given her. It was a good evaluation overall, but there was one piece in it that JT thought was unfair and shouldn’t have been included, and she had some lingering bitterness about it.

We cleared that up quickly, and hummus was testing fine, but what was the link?

JT rarely ate hummus. And despite our efforts to find a link with hummus to the boss who did the evaluation, none was forthcoming. “I know there wasn’t any hummus at my performance evaluation!” JT joked.

So I gave up. The intolerance was fixed, so discovering the link was more to satisfy our curiosity than anything else.

We moved onto peanut butter.

But the peanut butter was now testing strong.

Apparently the same event had triggered both intolerances.

We decided to search for a link to peanut butter, which surfaced after just a few minutes.

They have a no nut policy at work, and rather than being strict about implementing it, JT’s boss was so lax that she herself brought in a Reese Peanut Butter cake to celebrate an employee’s birthday.  (An action which JT found rather shocking.)

And therein lies the link.

JT didn’t have a problem with peanuts, just peanut butter. She could eat peanuts all day if she wanted. The cake was a peanut butter cake. Her subconscious was linking her to her boss through the memory of bringing in peanut butter. We found it!

So where does the hummus come in?

Hummus looks kinda like peanut butter. 🙂

When her subconscious found that having a peanut butter intolerance wasn’t doing the job to get JT’s attention to resolve the issue, it cast a wider net. It added more foods to react to. It’s very possible that had it gone on longer, even more foods would have become a problem…butter, cream cheese, jam…everything you can spread? Who knows? But that is how the subconscious works.

Nuts, eh? (pun intended)

If you’ve got food intolerances that you’d like to resolve (and maybe even figure out how they came to be in the first place), connect with me to give the Accelerated Release Technique a try. I’ll be happy to help!

Do you believe in miracles?

I do now.

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.And no, I’m not talking about the “miracle of life” or the “miracle of nature” or anything shmaltzy like that.

I’m talking about those “there’s-know-way-that-could-possibly-have-really-happened” kinds of experiences that science is completely incapable of explaining.

I’m talking about some seriously weird sh*t.

Why do I believe? Because in my line of work, it’s impossible not to. I’m an energy healer working with the subconscious using a brand new modality called the Accelerated Release Technique (ART). And I promise it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

To illustrate, here’s a typical day in the Arora household (Friday, Sept 1):


13-yr old Daughter: Mom, I need you to work on me before school starts on Tuesday! I want to wear earrings but all the ones I have I’m reacting to. It’s getting so bad…the last time I tried, within a half hour my left ear even started to bleed!

Me:  Oh! I didn’t realize that was a problem for you! I’m sorry, kiddo. I’ve got some time free at the moment, do you want us to work on it now?


ART session with my daughter. We discover first that the reaction to the earrings was symbolic of an event from her past, after which we identify the exact event (from age 6!) and then resolve and release the underlying emotional issues associated with it.


Daughter puts on the same earrings that had previously caused her an adverse reaction.


Me: Hey, Kiddo! How are your ears now?

Daughter: No pain! Not bleeding! Thanks, mom.

Now she can wear whatever earrings she wants without her ears becoming swollen and bloody. Just like that. Sounds like a miracle, right?

I’ve had clients come into my office with long term (ie. multi-year) congestion issues walk out incredulous because they can suddenly breathe through their noses; I’ve had a client with unexplained shakiness in his hand (bad enough at times to make writing difficult) leave with his hands no less steady than mine; I’ve had clients with desperate fears of heights leave me and go walk on the glass floor of the CN tower without a care. I’ve had clients with gut-wrenching gluten intolerances eat cookies and pound cake within hours of a session without a twinge of pain; and how about the pack-a-day smoker who left and didn’t pick up another cigarette again? The list goes on.

With ART, I get to feel like a miracle worker.

The Accelerated Release Technique has been a gift and a labour of love. A gift because it doesn’t really feel like it’s “mine” – I am still in complete awe over every session, marveling over how efficient and effective it is at zeroing in on the root of our issues and then releasing them so healing can take place. And a labour of love because I have worked to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. I don’t credit myself with having any natural intuitive gifts, so unlike every other modality out there, this one has been developed for individuals like myself in mind. If I can do it, anyone with an open mind and a penchant for problem-solving can do it, too.

And today, right now, I am looking for those people. More specifically, I’m seeking out those special few individuals who are going to love and resonate with ART as much as I do. The ones who are going to feel passionate about sharing it with the world.

These individuals are excited about energy healing. They want to use it for themselves, their family, and their friends, but also want to share their gifts in their communities as well. ART is too amazing to keep to ourselves!

It doesn’t hurt if they have a healthy interest in making good money while healing the world, either. The effectiveness of ART is not to be undervalued; in what may take years of therapy for other modalities, the Accelerated Release Technique can typically achieve in the matter of a few months.

I’m looking for individuals with a collaborative spirit. As extraordinary as ART is, it can’t get to the root of everything – yet. 🙂 I’m developing a community of practitioners to learn from and grow together.

And with ART, patience is a virtue. Humans are complex. On one level, they may desperately want to be free of an issue, but somewhere else they are holding fears or beliefs that get in the way of letting the practitioner in. These barricades may be abundant and the ART practitioner needs to bring them down one at a time. It takes time, but the payoff is more than worth it.

And finally, ART practitioners are detectives. It is not enough to simply make the problem go away; we need to understand why the problem manifested in the first place. This is the foundation of subconscious work. The subconscious is talking to us. We need to listen carefully to what it is saying.

I am holding my next ART practitioner training workshop on Nov 3-5, 2017 in Mississauga for a very small, select group of individuals who fit these characteristics. As of today, I only have 3 spots remaining. If you think you may have what it takes to succeed as an ART practitioner, then I would love to hear from you so we may discuss the possibility of you joining us. You can also find more information on my website. The best way to reach me is

And if you know someone with whom this may resonate, please do us both a kindness and forward this along.

Finally, if you’re interested in hearing more about ART for yourself, or even booking a session to see what miracles may happen for you, please get in touch with me! I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and please check out the video below!! It is a quick demo of an ART session which was done shortly before my last workshop. The modality has changed a little since then (it’s even easier and better!) but it still gives you a good idea of what ART is all about.

Many thanks!

Renu 🙂

P.S. Even if you don’t know of anyone personally who has shown an interest in energy work, if you could do me a favour and share this, you would helping me tremendously in getting the word out. Plus, you never know whom in your network you may be helping!

Are you a closeted spiritualist? This post is for you!

This Thursday, May 18 @4pm I’m going to be doing a free webinar called “The 3 Best Ways to help Energy Healers to Comfortably ‘Come out of the Closet’ and let their Light Shine.” You know when people do talks like this it’s usually because it’s something they have first hand experience with, right? It’s no different in my case.The 3 Best Ways to help Energy Healers to comfortably come -Out of the Closet- and let their Light Shine

If you haven’t been following me for long, you may not know that my interest in energy work was not always something that I felt comfortable sharing. It was uncomfortable because I myself had once been an ardent skeptic, so I knew the kinds of negative thoughts and opinions I was up against. I was afraid that people would think less of me – that I was “crazy” – and that I’d suddenly lose the respect of many people that I had worked to achieve over a very long time.

To some degree, this is exactly what happened. Certain friends would completely stop asking me about my work and what was going on with me; the new chapter in my life became the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody wanted to acknowledge was there. Were they embarrassed? Did they want to keep themselves from hurting my feelings? I don’t know, but I dreaded the period of “small talk” between the beginnings of our get-togethers and the game or movie or other purpose for gathering. I couldn’t get away because most of these friendships were shared with my husband. It didn’t help matters that he himself held exactly those same negative thoughts and opinions, and that he would freely admit to me how embarrassed he was by me and how much he hated being thought of as the “poor guy with the crazy wife.” Thankfully, he has come around and now fully supports me, but for a while I didn’t know how our marriage could have survived otherwise.

If you can’t be yourself around the closest people in your life, how can you expect to do it amongst groups of strangers?

But I kept seeing results. Things that I at one time would have called miracles happened on a regular basis. It would have been easier to stop and just go back to my life as a dietitian, but I kept going despite feeling so alone and unsupported everywhere outside of my office; I knew the work I was doing was too important to quit. I was making a difference in people’s lives.

But what did my friends and family think of all the amazing results? That I was just really good at “peddling placebos”. I was heartbroken.

Fast forward a year and life is completely different. Not only are those skeptical friends and family members now in my corner, they’ve started asking me for sessions! I’ve figured out ways to get believers and disbelievers alike on board to give ART a try, and they can’t deny the results. I’m attracting people into my life who support me and the work I do and I’m happier now than I can ever remember being. I get to spend every day doing what I love, bringing health and happiness to the people around me.

And I want the same for everyone. In Thursday’s webinar I’ll be sharing my story and everything that I myself have learned to “come out of the closet”. If you or anyone you know is seeking to break out of their shell and fully embrace all that life has to offer, then I invite to participate in this webinar and share the link with your friends.

You can register by clicking here. Don’t delay…the webinar takes place this Thursday at 4pm!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Spiritual Person (aka You Might be a Spiritual Person if…)

As an energy worker, I attract clients who are 15087617668_f5f25441d8_bspiritually inclined. People who are open to the understanding that the world might not operate in the way that the vocal majority believes it does.

Last week, I had the opportunity to do a presentation for members of a referral marketing network I belong to, and I thought it would be a fun idea to give them the tropes or stereotypes of spiritually open people so they could spot potential clients to introduce to me. To my surprise, many of them who already self-identified as spiritually inclined weren’t even aware of these!

Here’s the list. I’ll be curious to know whether you find that any of this applies to you or not. Let me know in the comments!

The top 5 characteristics of Spiritual Seekers

1) They LOVE the colour purple

Purple clothes pepper their wardrobe; men with purple ties and sweaters; women in purple coats. They are drawn to it. Why? This requires a little understanding of Chakra psychology, mainly that the chakras each resonate at a different colour frequency, and that the spiritual (Crown) chakra is purple (violet). For all the chakras, individuals with an abundance of energy concentrated in one area tend to favour the related colour.

The most interesting part of this particular stereotype is that it exists whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not. Purple has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember, however until I was personally initiated into the world of energy work, I thought all of this stuff was utterly crazy! That said, despite that belief, I was always open to the possibility that there might be something about the world that I didn’t know or couldn’t explain. Without knowing it, I was a Spiritual Seeker.

2) They are attracted to CrystalsCrystals_and_gemstones

They wear crystal jewelry, or they keep crystals at home or on their desk. Some even keep smaller crystals in their pockets or purses. I’m not talking about the conspicuous ones – diamonds, emeralds and so on – but things like rose quartz, amethyst, amber stones and more. Crystals radiate energy, and many energy-sensitive people are drawn to those energies.

3) They like to share Inspirational Quotes

These are the individuals on social media sharing quotes by Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and other well-known spiritual thought leaders. They have read The Secret or talk about the Law of Attraction and Abundance. Instead of using the word “God” you may hear them speaking about the “Universe”.

4) They frequently use the word “Journey”

Spiritual people view life as a journey, more about accumulating experiences rather than reaching any particular destination. This is a common characteristic of individuals open to the world of spiritual understanding.

5) They use words like “Energy,” “Auras,” “Chakras,” “Chi,” or “Karma”

Can’t forget the obvious! Using energy-speak is a definite sign of someone interested in all things spiritual.

So there you go. You may find that all or none of them apply to you, but I’d love to hear your comments either way!

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #18: All About Mediumship

In this week’s episode, I chatted with Jen Pantella “the No-Nonsense Psychic Medium” and spiritual store owner, Marlena Blodgett, explain all about mediumship.

Jen can be reached on Facebook as No Nonsense Psychic Medium or via email at

Marlena can be reached at or Her store, Enchanted Meadows, is located at 223 Main Street, Slatington PA and the number there is 610-760-3015.

Jen had offered to be my volunteer for my Facebook Live demo, but sadly, tech difficulties prevented us from connecting. We still intend to make it happen, so that will get posted separately once it happens.

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #15: Understanding Akashic Records

In this week’s episode I interviewed certified Akashic Records healer, Emily Harrison.

Emily can be reached at Connect with her and you can receive module one of her course on learning how to read the Akashic Records for free!

Following the show, we moved over to Facebook Live where Emily volunteered to receive a demonstration of the Accelerated Release Technique.


Spirituality Meets Science Episode #14: Taking Your Meditation Practice Deeper

In this week’s episode I chat with my guest, contemporary shaman, EagleSpirit, on how to get the most out of meditation.

EagleSpirit can be reached through her website or on Facebook at

To access EagleSpirit’s free guided meditation from her Journey of the Heart CD go to The healing CD is also available on iTunes at

Spirituality Meets Science Episode #13: Chakra Psychology

In this week’s episode of Spirituality Meets Science, I chatted with guest Stella Stathi about her work using Chakra Psychology.

Stella works with women to overcome their Food, Weight, and Body-Image issues through her program Body Prema: The Chakra Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom. Stella can be reached via her website or email her at